Social Media Group Marketing

Demand And Lead

Demand Generation

Demand generation is a marketing strategy focused on building reliable brand awareness and
interest, resulting in high quality leads.

This Includes:

Exclusive new prospects with advanced targeting including geo, job titles, company sizes, and intent

Multi touch campaign options built in for auto nurturing and lead scoring

ABM targeting programs

Double qualified leads

Ability to syndicate written content (whitepapers) , videos, or on demand webinars

Things We Do!!

If you are a Group Owner, you have an ecosystem of Group Members and people trying to join your group either on LinkedIn or on Facebook. We at targetedeventsmarketing.com enable Group Owners to monetize their groups using tools and technology made available through our proprietary software.

Programmatic Display

Content + Behavior + Demographic + Search Retargeting + Geo Targeting

Social Media Marketing

Content Distribution

Event & Webinar

Dynamic Form Management System

Newsletters for the group

1. Webinar Reports

  • Detailed Webinar report (Attendees vs Absentees audience segmentation)

2. Post Webinar Campaign

  • On-Demand Webinar (If Applicable) – Recording and Landing page setup.
  • Personalized outreach via email and LinkedIn to the attendees and absentees.
  • Post webinar campaign report to identify the leads and accounts with high intent (Form Submission, Meeting booked and On Demand webinar registration).
  • Webinar Lead list on request.

Outreach Campaign Execution :

  • Email Outreach campaign. (Lead Generation and Nurture).
  • LinkedIn outreach campaign (Lead and AI invitation).
  • Social Media campaign.
  • Content Syndication. (Newsletters, PR Distribution, Whitepapers).
  • Demand Generation via Cold Calling if applicable.
  • Look alike audience campaign leveraging our Automation Tech Stack and existing database.


1. Goal Setting

  • Involves setting the KPI’s for the campaign.
  • Expected registrants and flow of the campaign.
  • Ideal Customer Profile research and resource planning.

2. Audience Acquisition

  • Target audience sourcing using our proprietary tech stack and internal Database.
  • Create a TAM List for the ICP and data validation.
  • Audience analysis and affinity report.

3. Webinar Logistics

  • Identifying the appropriate Webinar hosting platform based on the campaign goal.
  • Event Landing and Registration page setup.
  • Speaker Management (If required).
  • Outreach campaign copies. (Email, Social Media, Blogs or paid ads).
  • Marketing channels setup. (Domain for campaigns).
  • Reporting and analytics. (Google Analytics, CRM Integration and Conversion Tracking).

4. Marketing Campaign Setup

  • Domain warm up and outreach test for email outreach.
  • Setting up account and lead ranking KPI’s.
  • Social media campaign and ad creatives creation and approval.
  • Customer journey setup (Welcome and reminders workflow – Email and SMS).
  • Content Calendar with posts setup and pre schedule setup.

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